Autosmart Matrix
Ceramic Coatings

Autosmart Matrix Ceramic Coatings

"When you wax your car, the waxing invariably breaks down after a short while. A ceramic coating is a completely different protection for your car; the liquid polymer or quartz bonds with your car’s paint and gives you a much longer lasting finish, protection and shine. It’s also very easy to maintain.

I am an accredited Autosmart Technician, fully trained in the use of Autosmart Matrix Ceramic Coatings for more information just give me a call."

Tom Henry

All Ceramic Coatings require a prearranged inspection of the paintwork prior to appointment, this is to give an accurate quotation and know how much time / machine polishing is required. All Coatings have the minimum of a single stage polish prior to coating, this is to get the paintwork looking its best before applying a semi permanent coating. Please contact us for more information.

Mobile Service

Our mobile service can be carried out at your place of residence or place of work. (providing we cover that area). Bookings are regularly well in advance so please enquire accordingly. All we need are the vehicle keys; we carry onboard water and power and an arsenal of our very own top end products. We use what we sell with total confidence.


Prices and timings are based on the vehicle being in a reasonable condition, we don’t expect a clean car but if the vehicle is heavily soiled, has animal hair / vomit / mould etc. Please inform us if this is the case when booking, as this affects timing and prices. Failure to do so could result in us not being able to complete the booking; our time is in demand so please give as much information as possible.


THV Car Care

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. We valet everything from Fiesta’s to Ferrari’s and treat every vehicle with the same love, care and attention as we would our own.



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