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Thomas Henry Valeting started operating in 2014, valeting and detailing cars for what has expanded to a large, varied and widespread client base. During this time we have ....

Autosmart Matrix
Ceramic Coatings

Thomas Henry Valeting are fully trained and accredited to install Autosmarts Matrix Ceramic Coatings. The durability of Matrix Ceramic Coatings can last up to an astonishing 8 years.

Premium Valeting &
Detailing Services

We use a wide range of our own meticulously sourced products to give your vehicle the best finish possible. This includes items such as Ultra HD Wax to give your car that wet shine.

THV Car Care

THV Car Care sell a complete range of car care products in our online Shop. These are products of the highest quality and are the ones that we use ourselves.
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Over time all vehicles pick up minor defects / swirling and marring, usually from poor wash techniques or body repairs etc. At THV we can put this right with a paintwork correction service,

Testimonials we
are proud of

Here you will find a small selection of Reviews from our Facebook page from just a few of our satisfied customers. I take a huge amount of pride in receiving these [Tom Henry]

Mobile Service

Our mobile service can be carried out at your place of residence or place of work. (providing we cover that area). Bookings are regularly well in advance so please enquire accordingly. All we need are the vehicle keys; we carry onboard water and power and an arsenal of our very own top end products. We use what we sell with total confidence.


Prices and timings are based on the vehicle being in a reasonable condition, we don’t expect a clean car but if the vehicle is heavily soiled, has animal hair / vomit / mould etc. Please inform us if this is the case when booking, as this affects timing and prices. Failure to do so could result in us not being able to complete the booking; our time is in demand so please give as much information as possible.


THV Car Care

Thomas Henry Valeting
. We valet everything from Fiesta’s to Ferrari’s and treat every vehicle with the same love, care and attention as we would our own.



THV Car Care
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